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Report PDF Settings

Report PDF Settings

Date Written: 4/19/2018

In the Palm-Tech app you now have the ability to modify the 'Report PDF Settings' (known as 'Print Settings' on the PC). This makes it easier to make small tweaks to the way your reports look without having to go back to the PC. Not every option in 'Print Settings' is available, but the most commonly used ones are, and this should save time for inspectors looking to tweak how their reports look on the fly.

You can access 'Report PDF Settings' by tapping on 'Settings' in the top right corner of the opening screen of the app, or by tapping on the 'Settings' icon from the toolbar on the 'Choose Category' screen. When you do this, it will direct you to your web browser and open a page that has the various settings you can change. Here are the different categories of changes you can make:

  • Default Styles - Choose between starting with a checklist, narrative or combination style report.
  • Fonts - Change the fonts used in reports.
  • Default Colors - Change or replace the default colors used in Palm-Tech with the colors you want to use.
  • Category Header - Change the style, color and size of category headers.
  • Page Options - This has some of the most used options that impact how reports look.
  • Page Header - Change several options that impact page headers.
  • Logo - Add your logo to reports.

NOTE: You will need an internet connection to change these settings in the app.