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3G vs 4G

3G vs 4G

Date Written: 9/20/12

When you are looking to buy a new smartphone or tablet, one of the questions you'll ask yourself is, "Do I want 3G or 4G capability?" The "G" in 3G and 4G simply stands for generation, a new generation of mobile technology. 4G networks are said to offer faster Internet speeds than 3G, but only within your carrier. Internet speeds vary across the board with one carrier's 4G network not always as fast as another's. 3G is much more widely available then 4G. Before you choose 4G technology make sure you have access to it in your area, otherwise you can go through a fully charged battery quickly while it searches for a signal. 4G networks transfer large amounts of data quicker than 3G. Beware of your data plan limits, 4G speeds can make it easier for you to use up lots of data fast. Since voice technology still runs entirely on the 3G network, a 4G network won't help with any dropped call problems.

The choice between 3G and 4G is ultimately up to you. But if you want to invest in the future than 4G is the way to go. That's where most carriers are spending their money right now. And if you buy a 4G phone, you often have the option of switching between 3G and 4G through a phone's menu option or a downloaded app.

Quick Summary

  •  Battery Life - 4G will drain your battery faster than 3G
  • Internet Speed - 4G offers faster internet which leads to faster web surfing, downloads, etc.
  • Availability - 4G is newer technology and is not as widely available is 3G