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Using Option Lists on the App

Using Option Lists on the App

Date Written: 10/6/16

One of the line types that you can use in the app is the 'Option List'. This line allows you to have a prompt and then several options to select from for the answer. Option Lists are different from checkboxes in that you can only select one option, whereas with checkboxes you can select multiple. There are several lines that contain option lists that are a part of the standard templates. These lines are: Electric On, Gas/Oil On, and Water On, all of which can be found in the General Information category.

There are two different ways to fill out an option list on the app and one of them may be new to many users. Let's take a quick look at both ways:

Edit Line Screen

The first way to fill these lines out (and the one that is used by most inspectors) is filling them out on the Edit Line screen. To do this, you simply tap on the line prompt (Electric On, etc) on the Edit Category screen which takes you to the Edit Line screen. On this screen you'll see the options you can choose from and you simply tap on the one you want to select.

Edit Category Screen

The second way to fill an Option List line out is on the Edit Category screen. All you have to do is double tap to the immediate right of the option circle and it will cycle through the options. Each time you double tap it will go to the next option and you can do this until you select the one you want.