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Completeness Indicators

Completeness Indicators

Date Written: 12/21/12

With the Palm Tech app, you have completeness indicators that you can use throughout an inspection. Completeness indicators are a great tool that let you see how much of an inspection you've completed. There are several completeness indicators located within the Palm Tech app. Two can be found on the Choose Category screen, and the other can be found in component title lines.

When you start filling out an inspection on the app and you back up into the Choose Category screen, you'll see that the category line you've been working in has started to fill with color. This completeness indicator shows you how much of a category has been filled out within an inspection. Once you've finished filling out an entire category, you'll see that the category line is completely filled with color, and that a green check mark appears to the left of the category name. Another indicator is in relation to components. As you fill out the lines of a component in a category, you'll see that the component title lines fill in with color. When a component has been completed, the entire line will be colored in.