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Rugged Cases for Tablets

Rugged Cases for Tablets

Date Written: 09/18/14

While there are plenty of brands to choose from, we did a little comparing and found 6 brands that offer "rugged" versions of cases for tablets that seem to give the most bang for your buck. We have listed them below by price (highest to lowest) and have included a link for each so you can check them out for yourselves.

OtterBox - $60 and up, The Defender Series certainly lives up to its name as these cases include 3 layers of protection (Outer Layer: silicone, Inner Layer: polycarbonate and built in screen protector), port covers, a belt clip holster and is highly customizable (you can add your favorite NFL team emblem on the case). More Info

Trident - Around $60. Trident's Kraken Series leaves little to be desired as it seems to have all of the bases covered. The case includes a hardened bio-enhanced polycarbonate shell with silicone inner lining, screen protector, enhanced audio, has military grade drop protection, dust filters, rain/wind protection, shoulder strap compatible, long list of accessories, comes in several colors and is completely degradable, compostable and recyclable! More Info

Targus - Around $60. Offers a plethora of options when it comes to choice of materials but their rugged version is made of a hardened polycarbonate shell. This case includes a screen protector, anti-skid, silicon port plugs, a hand strap, double padded corners and finally boasts of being within the performance standard outlines of the US Department of Defense. There are a few colors offered but not as many as some of the other options. More Info

rooCASE - Around $40. In addition to the rugged design, rooCASE offers styles of casing that include a kickstand and/or a portfolio that includes a pocket for business cards. Their rugged version is made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane plastic that absorbs impact by flexing under stress and snapping back to original form and is designed to be slimmer than most other rugged cases. Colors offered. More Info

Kensington - Around $30. With the U.S. Department of Defense Military Grade Drop Protection approval this case features a safety grip handle, double padded corners and screen protection. It also comes in many colors. More Info
USA Gear - Around $20. You can find tons of USA Gear cases on Amazon that are very inexpensive but have very good reviews. These cases include a screen protector, shoulder strap, weather proof neoprene material, a three-year warranty, and it customs fits to whatever size tablet you have! More Info