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Templates and Libraries

Templates and Libraries

Date Written: 5/23/2019

When customizing Palm-Tech the two main file types you'll be working with are templates and libraries. Templates have the .tmx file extension and libraries are .ptlix. You may have several different templates that you use, but typically you only have one library file (most likely named Default.ptlix). It can be helpful to know what information is contained in each so here is a breakdown:


  • Categories
  • Lines


  • Description dropdowns
  • Note dropdowns
  • Ratings (Acceptable, Defective, etc.)
  • Disclaimers
  • Tech Notes

The template is basically the structure of your inspection and the library contains information you add in. Your library is shared across your various templates to save you time by not forcing you to have to make the same change multiple times. This means if you add a note to the 'Driveway' dropdown list while using the House template the note will also be available in the 'Driveway' dropdown list in your other templates.

When making customizations you'll use the cloud drive to move your template(s) and library to the different devices you use so that you only have to make your changes once. Below are links to two helpful videos that show how to use the cloud drive to move templates/libraries between devices.

Moving a Template from a PC to the App

Moving a Library from a PC to the App