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Saving Cloud Drive Space

Three Tips for Saving Cloud Drive Space

Date Written: 11/6/12

Here are three helpful hints that home inspectors can use to save space on their Cloud Drive.

  1. Delete Inspection Files you no Longer Need - If you have inspections on your Cloud Drive that you've already finished and saved to your PC, then you can delete them off the Cloud. If you end up needing them on the app at a later point in time, you can always upload them again.

  2. Remove Template files - You don't need to keep templates you don't use on your Cloud Drive. Also, once you've downloaded a template from the Cloud, it will be on your device whenever you go to start a new inspection so if you are short on space you could delete all of your templates off the Cloud Drive.

  3. Delete Library files - It is always a good idea to keep your most up to date library on the Cloud Drive. However, most inspectors only use one library (named Default.ptlix) and can delete the rest of them from their Cloud Drive.
    There are two ways to delete files from your Cloud Drive. You can remove them using the app from within the File Manager Screen or you can delete them from your PC. To remove them on your PC, go into the Palm Tech program, and click on the Manage Cloud Drive option. From there you can click on Switch to Advanced View to delete the files.