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Date Written: 2/4/13

Within the Palm Tech app, ratings are used to mark the condition of each line item in the inspection. By default the ratings are: Acceptable, Not Present, Not Inspected, Marginal, Defective, and Not Applicable. However, these can be customized to match whatever rating terms each inspector wants to use.
There are two ways to rate line items on the app. You can rate line items on the 'Edit Category' screen or you can rate line items individually on the 'Edit Line' screen(s). On the 'Edit Category' screen, you can rate a line by double tapping on the rating box to the left of a line's title. This will cause the first rating to be entered. You can also cycle through the other ratings by continuing to double tap on the rating box until you find the proper entry. From the 'Edit Line' screen, you can rate a line by tapping on the proper rating from the row of rating boxes under the line title. You can also enter more than one rating on the 'Edit Line' screen by just tapping on additional rating boxes.

Ratings also control the summaries that are automatically created. If you mark a line with a rating that is setup to create a summary, then it will go to a summary at the end (or beginning) of the report with all other items marked with the same rating. With the Palm Tech program's default ratings, summaries will be created for all items that are marked as Marginal or Defective. Inspectors can easily modify what ratings create summaries.