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Android Quick Settings

Android Quick Settings

Date Written: 4/18/13

With the latest OS from Android, Jelly Bean 4.2, comes the all new Quick Settings feature. You can access the Quick Settings feature in two ways. If you swipe down on the Notification bar from the top of your Android device, you'll notice a new icon that shows a person where the Settings button used to be. Tapping directly on the person icon will cause your Notification bar to flip over to your Quick Settings. You can also open up the Quick Settings feature by swiping down from the top of your Android device with two fingers. This will immediately open up your Quick Settings. Below is a brief explanation of the 9 Quick Settings available on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

  • Google+ Profile - Tap it and Android will prompt you to view your Google+ profile. If you're logged in to Google+ already, your name and profile picture will automatically appear.
  • Brightness - You can adjust the screen display's brightness by tapping on this icon.
  • Settings - This is a shortcut to your device's settings menu.
  • Wi-Fi - This shows the network you're using; you can tap it to change your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Mobile Data - You can see what carrier you're on and what your device's signal strength is from here.
  • Battery - This Quick Setting gives you a visual indicator and a percentage of how much battery you have left. You can also tap on this to access the battery section of your settings menu.
    Airplane Mode - By tapping on this icon, you'll set your phone to Airplane Mode.
  • Bluetooth - From here you can access your Bluetooth settings menu. The icon will also show you whether the Bluetooth feature is turned on or off.
  • Wireless Display - You can view your Wireless Display here when you have it enabled in the display settings.