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Closing out of Running Apps

Closing out of Running Apps

Date Written: 5/15/14

When using a smartphone or tablet, there will come a time when you want to close out of an app. Maybe the app froze and you need to close it. Or maybe the device is running a little sluggish and you want to close all running apps to save power and battery. Smartphones and tablets almost always have apps running in the background and sometimes it’s one you didn’t even open. Below we’ll discuss how to close an app on both iOS and Android.

Closing Apps on iOS
Apple makes it very easy to close your running apps. To see what apps are currently running, simply double tap the home button at the bottom of the screen. Here you can slide to the right and see all apps that are currently running. To close an app, place your finger on the preview window of the app and slide your finger up. You can close any and all apps this way.

Closing Apps on Android
Closing apps on an Android device is a little bit trickier because there isn’t just one type of device. With so many different devices, there are different ways to close an app. However with most devices, especially newer devices, it's an easy process. For example with the Samsung Galaxy Note phones, you can hold down on the home button and a list of your running apps will appear. You can tap ‘Close all’ or swipe the individual app to the right or left to close. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, as well as many other Android devices, have a dedicated button on the bottom left of the screen for your running apps. Simply tap this button and again you have the option to close all or close a single app.
If you’re not sure how to close an app on your Android device, a quick Google search will give you the answer. Or you can always open Settings and then navigate to your Apps or Applications. Here you will have an option for ‘Manage Apps’ and then usually ‘Running Apps’. Then simply tap on the app and tap ‘Close’. Depending on your device, the wording and options may be a little different.