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Data Plan vs Wi-Fi

Data Plan vs Wi-Fi

Date Written: July 2012

Home inspectors choosing to use a tablet/phone to do reports in the field must decide when and how they will have access to the Cloud Drive. For the most part, there are two options available to you. You may either elect to purchase a data plan to use with your device or you may choose to find a Wi-Fi location when you want to upload an inspection.

What it comes down to, for home inspectors, is a choice between extra costs and time saved. If you opt to purchase a data plan for your device, then you will be able to upload reports to your Cloud Drive from anywhere at any time (assuming your phone has service). This convenience does however come with the drawback of having to pay an additional charge for a data plan, and in some circumstances, having to sign a contract with your chosen wireless provider. As a home inspector, you may decide that the increased price of a data plan isn't worth the expediency. You may instead opt to either use Wi-Fi hot spots or just wait until you get back to the office (if you have wireless setup at your office) to access the Cloud Drive.

Keep in mind that data plans aren't necessarily a must have for home inspectors. Many inspectors have found that using Wi-Fi hot spots and internet at the home/office gives them what they need for cloud access and transferring files between devices.