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Android Tips

Android Tips

Date Written: 2/22/2018

In our last article we took a look at some tips and tricks for the iPhone and iPads. Here are a few for Android devices.

NOTE: Not all of these will be available on every Android device. Some may require being on the latest version of the operating system which is 8.1.

  • Screen Pinning - This allows you to 'pin' an app to your screen so that you can't navigate away from the app unless you 'unlock' it. This can be helpful if you are letting someone borrow your device and you don't want them searching around or doing things outside of what they should be doing.
  • Guest Mode - This feature is similar to screen pinning mentioned above, but is less restrictive. You can set your device to 'guest mode' which limits what a person can do on the device, but doesn't lock them into a single app like screening pinning.
  • Snooze Notifications - Android allows you to snooze notifications. This means if you get a notification you don't need right away, but you don't want to outright dismiss it, you can 'snooze' it so that it pops back up in a certain amount of time. To snooze a notification all you have to do is slowly swipe on it to the left or the right and when you do this you'll see a clock icon appear. Tap on the clock and it will snooze for an hour by default. If you prefer a length of time different from an hour you are able to adjust this.
  • Find my Phone - If you lose track of your phone, Google has a tool to help you find it. By logging into your Google account you can use the 'Find my Phone' tool to locate it. Within this tool you can force your phone to ring (even if it is set to silent) as well as lock it or completely clear its data.
  • Automatically Enable Wi-Fi - Android Oreo includes the ability to automatically turn on WiFi when you are in place you want WiFi turned on. This helps conserve battery since it means you don't have to have your WiFi always on and searching for a network.