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Using the App on Multiple Devices

Using the App on Multiple Devices

Date Written: 2/12/15

You are able to have Palm-Tech setup and installed on multiple devices. This can be very helpful for inspectors who like to use different devices for different types of inspections, as well as for inspectors who like to have a back up device setup in case something happens to their main one.
To install the program on additional devices you will follow the same instructions as you did for you main device. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you'll simply search for 'Palm-Tech' from the Apple App Store and on an Android device, you'll do the same search in the 'Google Play Store'. Once the app is installed you'll need to put in your Username and Password which you can find in the setup email you received from Palm-Tech, or you can get it by going to Settings (from within the Palm-Tech App) on a mobile a device you currently have Palm-Tech setup on.

Once the program is installed and licensed, you can easily grab your key template and library files directly from your cloud drive. Doing this will ensure that this device is not only setup with the program, but that your custom templates and dropdowns are on there as well. If you are setting up and using a backup device, then it is a good idea to check it every so often (once a week, once a month, etc) to make sure that it is ready to go in case of an emergency, and to move any recent changes you've made to templates/libraries to the device. Checking it will only take a few minutes and is well worth the time as it gives you confidence that if something happens to your main inspection device (broken, lost, etc) that you won't be delayed or set back since you can simply grab the backup device and begin inspecting.

Some inspectors will use two different devices on the same inspection and then combine the data at the end. This is very easy to do, but the process of combining inspections is done on a PC. Here is a link to a tutorial that shows how this process is done: Importing Inspections