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Date Written: August 2012

With the Palm-Tech app, you have a disclaimer section that you can use at the top of each category in the report. This section is a great way to include additional information in a report for your client, such as, what you do and do not cover in your inspection or general information about a particular area that would be valuable for your client to know (maintenance tips, etc). Here are a few tips/notes about how to use the disclaimer section:

  • You have the option to include a disclaimer at the top of every category in the program, except for the General Information category.

  • Each disclaimer section has a dropdown list that you can populate with common notes that you use.

  • If you want each report to start off with a disclaimer filled out, then type in the information you want and in the bottom of the disclaimer screen simply tap 'Make Default Disclaimer'.

  • You can type in a few words, a couple of sentences, or paragraphs of information.