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Company Information on the App

Company Information on the App

Date Written: 5/28/15

In the General Information category of each of our standard templates there are several lines for information about your inspection company. These lines include:

  • Inspection Company Address
  • Inspection Company City, State, Zip
  • Inspection Company Phone
  • Inspection Company Fax
  • Inspection Company E-Mail


These lines are all setup as special lines since the information that gets entered is information that will be the same each inspection, and will only need to be updated/changed on rare occasions. Because of this, they are setup to work so that once you enter information in them one time, the program will automatically remember what you entered and pre-fill that information each time you start a new inspection. This will save you the hassle of having to re-enter the information each inspection. Of course, on those occasions where you do need to update the information all you have to do is make the necessary changes and the program will use the updated information moving forward.