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Moving Between Categories

Moving Between Categories

Date Written: 2/14/2019

If you are using a mobile device(phone/tablet) in the field then you are going to be focused on being efficient. There are lots of factors that play a role in your efficiency and one of them that doesn't get talked about often is moving around in the app. This refers to transitioning from one line or category to another. If you need to jump to a specific section, say Lots and Grounds, but you're currently in the Roof category, what's the fastest way to do this? In this article we'll focus on the different ways you can move between categories in the Palm-Tech app.

Here are the four ways to move from one category to another:

  • Swipe left or right - If you swipe your finger from left to right you will go to the previous category, and if you swipe your finger from right to left you will go to the next category. Using this method works best when you are trying to move to a category next to the one you are in.
  • Tap left or right arrow - In the top right corner of the screen you'll see the name of the category you are on along with an arrow pointing to the left and one to the right. Tapping one of these arrows will move you to the previous category or the next one.
  • Move the slide bar - The slide bar at the top of the category list has a small circle that you can tap and hold. While holding, you can slide it to navigate to a different category. Once you use it a few times, this is the fastest way to 'jump' to a different category. This works best when you know the order that you're categories are in as you'll know just about where you need to slide it to land on the category you want.
  • Tap category selection dropdown - If you tap on the name of the category in the top right corner then it will pull up a list of all your categories. You can then tap on the one you want to go to. This works best when you need to move to a different category that isn't directly next to the one you are on.