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Updated App Settings Screen

Updated App Settings Screen

Date Written: 11/8/2018

It's been a few years since we had an article that explained all of the options on the 'Settings' screen in the app and there have been several updates to it since then. This article will take a look at what each option on the 'Settings' screen does.

There are two ways to access 'Settings' on the Palm-Tech app. The first is by tapping on 'Settings' in the top left corner of the main Palm-Tech screen. The second option is to tap on the 'Settings' icon (looks like a gear) on the right of the toolbar on the 'Choose Category'.

'Settings' has a series of options on it which are explained below:

  • User Name/Password - This will show you the current user name and password you have entered into this device. If you have not entered this information yet you can do so from this screen, and then tap on 'Test Cloud Connection' to license the device.
  • Test Cloud Connection - This button is one that you can tap to make sure your device is connected to the internet and that your user name/password credentials are entered correctly. If you have an internet connection and the credentials are in correctly then when you tap this button you'll get the message 'Test: Successful'. If there is not an internet connection or the credentials are incorrect then you'll see the message 'Test: Failed'.
  • Default Image Height - This setting sets the default height of pictures that get added into your report on the app.
  • Set Button Color - This allows you to customize how the app looks by changing the color of all the buttons and the top bar of the app. This does not change how your reports look
  • Set Icon Color - This allows you to customize how the app looks by changing the color of all the icons. This does not change how your reports look
  • Select 1st Rating With Description Entry - This setting makes it so that as soon as you enter a description on a line, the first rating in your list of ratings will automatically be selected for that line. For example, if you're filling out the 'Driveway' line, under 'Lots and Grounds', and you say the driveway is made of concrete first, then the line will automatically be rated as Acceptable (which is the first rating by default). This option is selected by default when you download the Palm Tech app and can be a huge time saver when filling out information.
  • Take Cover Page Photo - Selecting this box will allow you to take a cover page photo with the app. With this option selected, you will now see a 'Cover Page Photo' category in your category list. Simply tap on the category to take your cover page photo.
  • Enable Walkthrough - This will turn on the Walkthrough that plays the first time you open the app. The Walkthrough is designed to help you learn the basics of how to use the app.
  • Save After Every Picture (iOS only) - This option will make it so your inspection file saves after each picture you take. This adds additional protection from loss of data in the case something happens and your device shuts down/off unexpectedly.
  • Font Size - This setting allows you to make the size of the text in the app larger or smaller. This will only impact how the font looks on the screen, and not how it looks in the final reports.
  • Line Height Adjustment - This setting allows you to change how wide the lines are on screens like the 'Choose Category' screen and the 'Edit Category' screen. If you make the font size larger then oftentimes you'll want to adjust this setting as well so that the lines are spaced in a way that works with the selected font size.
  • Tap and Hold Speed Adjustment - This settings allows you to either speed up or slow down the rate at which the program cycles through dropdown options when you are using the 'Tap and Hold' method for entering data on the 'Edit Category' screen.
  • Report PDF Settings - This option allows you to customize 'Print Settings' which lets you change how the final reports you create look.
  • Show V8 Intro Video - If you tap this button it will pull up a page on our website that has a short video that goes over some of the basics of navigating the app and entering information.
  • Reset License - This is an option that should only be used when directed by Palm-Tech support.
  • Leave a Review - This takes you to the App/Play Store where you can quickly leave a review of the Palm-Tech app.