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Android Smartphone Accessories

Android Smartphone Accessories

Date Written: 8/5/13

There are several cool accessories that are universally available for most Android smartphones. Here are 5 that work with Android smartphones that most users may not know about.

  1. Jawbone Bluetooth Headset - The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset allows you to make hands free phone calls while you're out on an inspection, so you don't have to put your device down while taking a call or take your hands off the steering wheel while driving from one inspection to another. This particular handset also works with the free Jawbone Companion Android app, which delivers calendar alerts, battery life updates, etc. right through the headset.
  2. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro - For just under $30, you can use the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro to charge your device anywhere, even if you're nowhere near a power outlet. This external battery lets you charge your smartphone or tablet (as long as it's USB-enabled) anywhere you go and it's water, dust, and sand resistant.
  3. Square Card Reader - The Square Card Reader, at just under $10, lets you use your Android Smartphone to collect payments from your clients out in the field. This small piece of hardware plugs into your device's headset jack and works with the free Square Android app to help you collect credit card payments via your smartphone. Keep in mind the Square Card Reader does charge a fee for each transaction you make using the app. The Square Card Reader is available with Android OS 2.2 and higher, except for Android OS 3.0.
  4. Photojojo Slingshot - For just under $20, the Photojojo Slingshot is a handheld tripod that can hold almost any Android Smartphone in place, even when it's in a case, while you take a picture. This smartphone tripod also converts into its own stand when needed and its swivel head can adjust with your device to take a picture at any angle.
  5. Overboard WaterProof Smartphone Case - The Overboard Waterproof Smartphone Case, at just under $30, is 100% waterproof and vacuum seals around your Android Smartphone, so you no longer have to worry about damaging it, if you accidently drop it in water or use it out in the rain. The transparent front of the case and the LENZFLEX back allows you to complete an inspection, browse the web, take a call, or snap a picture all while the phone is enclosed in the waterproof case.