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Date Written: 1/28/13

When working in an inspection on the Palm-Tech app, you'll notice that every line has a description box next to the line title. The description box is a dropdown menu that lets you select what a line item is made of or the type of item a line is. For example, if you are working in the Driveway line under Lots and Grounds, you can choose whether the item is made of asphalt, concrete, etc. And if you are working in the Structure Type line under Structure, you can choose whether the structure is a wood or metal frame.

To add a description on the 'Edit Category' screen, simply double tap on the description box. This will cause the first item in your dropdown list to be entered. You can cycle through items in your dropdown list by continuing to double tap until you find the proper entry.

If you want to type in a new description or view your entire dropdown list you can do this by entering the 'Edit Line' screen. On this screen you can also add more than one description to a line by tapping on the green plus sign next to the description(s) in the dropdown list. You can add other descriptions to the dropdown list as well by tapping on Edit next to the dropdown box. Just type the description in the lower text box, and then tap on Add New above it. You can also select a description from the list in the top box and tap on delete to get rid of a description you no longer want.