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Using Dropdowns

Working with Dropdowns on the App

Date Written: February 2012

Here is a look at some of the basic functions of dropdowns and how to use them with the Palm-Tech app.

Double Tapping to Cycle through Dropdowns
From the Edit Category screen, you can double tap to cycle through your description dropdown list. To select the first item in your description dropdown list, simply double tap on the empty box where your description goes. The first item in your dropdown list will appear, and you can continue to double tap on the box to cycle through the rest of your dropdown list until you get the proper description.

Selecting from Dropdown Lists
You can also fill out inspection data in the Edit Line screen. On this screen, you can see all of your ratings and also enter your description and note for the line item. To view the dropdown list for your descriptions and/or notes, tap on the dropdown arrow next to each box. This will bring up the list of items for this specific line. You can easily select an item from either list by double tapping on it. In the dropdown list for notes, you can select multiple entries by tapping on the green arrow to the left of each note.

Editing your Dropdown Lists
When you tap on either the description or note dropdown, you will see a button that says 'Edit'. Tapping this button will take you to the Edit List screen. From this screen, you can add items to the list, delete items from the list, and even change the order in which the list appears. To add an item to the list, tap in the empty box at the bottom and type in the new note or description. Then tap 'Add New' to add it to the list. To delete an item, highlight it in the list and then tap the 'Delete' button. Lastly, you can edit the order in which the list appears by double tapping on the green arrows next to each item in the list. For example, double tapping the up arrow will move that item up one spot.