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Backing Up Your Files

The Importance of Backing Up Your Files

Date Written: 11/5/15

Backing up your files is important. It helps mitigate potential issues if you have a problem with your hardware and it makes it easy to setup new devices. There are three key types of files in Palm-Tech that you'll want to make sure you backup:

  1. Your Library
  2. Your Key Templates
  3. Your Inspection Files and PDFs

We recommend that you always keep an up to date version of your library and your key templates on your cloud drive at all times. This will ensure that even if you have a hardware failure you'll have a good copy of your template/library that you can put on the new device you get setup with.

The Palm-Tech cloud drive is not designed to keep a backup of all of your inspection files and PDFs of your reports, but you have a ton of options available for storing and backing these files up. At a minimum you want to have these files stored in more than one location (it could be as simple as having it on two different devices). This protects you from disaster if something like dropping and breaking your device happens.

You can use hardware solutions like an external hard drive, CDs, or thumb drives. You can also utilize online options, many of which are free, that will allow you to store a large number of files in 'the cloud'. These options can work as a great backup. Some popular, free (you can upgrade to paid accounts if needed) options include Dropbox and Google Drive.

How you backup your files is up to you, but it's something every inspector should do. You may not think you need to backup your files, but the day something happens and you need a backup, you'll be glad you did