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Completeness Check

Completeness Check

Date Written: 11/2/2017

When completing an inspection and creating your report it's important that you don't miss anything. Having blank items on your report (even if they aren't part of the inspection) can raise questions for your clients so you want to make sure that everything is filled out. The Palm-Tech app has several features that are designed to make it easy for you to make sure that the report is complete including the new Completeness Check feature. Let's take a look below at how Palm-Tech helps you know what's complete:

  • Completeness Check - The Toolbar on the 'Choose Category' screen has the option for 'Completeness Check'. If you tap on this icon you will see a list of every line in the inspection that has not been completed. You can simply tap on the line to go straight to it and then fill out the necessary information to complete it. Once complete, you can tap 'Back' which will take you back to the list of other lines that need to be filled out.
  • Category Progress Indicator - When you start filling out an inspection on the app and you go back to the Choose Category screen, you'll see that the background color for the category has started to change from white to yellow. This shows you how much of a category has been filled out within an inspection. Once you've finished filling out an entire category, you'll see that the background for the category is completely yellow, and that a check mark appears to the left of the category name.
  • Line Completeness Indicator - Once a line has been completed, the background color of the line will change to the color of the rating assigned to the line. This allows you to do a quick scan while in a category to see if any lines are not complete.
  • Component Completeness Indicator - As you fill out the lines of a component in a category, you'll see that the component title line's background color begins to turn yellow. When a component has been completed, the entire line will be yellow.