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Recent Cloud vs Recent Local

Recent Cloud vs Recent Local

Date Written: 2/11/2016

When opening existing inspections on the PC, or on the App, it is important to know the difference between opening inspections from the Cloud and opening inspections from the Local drive. The Cloud is online storage that you have to make it easy to transfer files between devices. Local files are files that are locally saved to that device. Understanding the difference between these two will ensure you don't accidentally overwrite a finished file with a half finished file, and that you don't end up with multiple half finished copies of the same report.

On both the PC and the app, changes you make to an inspection are only saved locally to the device unless you click/tap the Upload button. If you are going to reopen an inspection on the same device from which you previously worked on it, then you want to make sure you reopen it from the Local drive. For example, if you are working on an inspection on your iPad and later you want to open it again on that same iPad to continue working on it, you'll want to make sure to open it from the Local drive and not from the Cloud.

The only time you should open an inspection from 'Look in Cloud Drive'(on the App) or 'Recent Cloud Inspections' (on the PC) is the first time you are opening it on that device after transferring it to the Cloud from another device.

Remember, when transferring an inspection from one device to another open it from the Cloud Drive. When reopening an inspection on the same device that you've most recently worked on it, open it from Local.