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Using Customized Ratings

Using Customized Ratings

Date Written: 6/30/16

One of the most common changes made by inspectors is customizing the ratings that they use. The standard ratings that come out of the box with Palm-Tech are:

A = Acceptable
NP = Not Present
NI = Not Inspected
M = Marginal
D = Defective
NA = Not Applicable

You can use these ratings as they are, or you can customize them to set them up the way you want. Customizing ratings is easy, but it's done on the PC version of Palm-Tech. Here is a link to a six minute video that walks through step by step how to change them: Editing Ratings

Once you make the changes to the ratings there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The changes will only impact NEW inspections that you start after changing them. This means that it will not change the ratings for inspections that you've already completed.
  • The changes will be ready to go immediately on your PC, but you'll need to send your library file over to the app to see the changes on the app. Here is a short video that shows how this is done: Moving Library from PC to App