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App Permissions

App Permissions

Date Written: 5/19/2016

What are they?
When you install an app, that app may want access to different parts of your device outside of the app itself. This may include your camera, gallery, contact list, other apps, reminders, etc. To help protect the information on your phone and keep you informed on what an app wants to access, you must give an app permission to access other parts of your device. You will typically be prompted to do this when you first install the app, or when you first access the functionality inside the app requesting access.

With the Palm-Tech app the permissions that you need to allow are 'Photos' and 'Camera'. This is done so that you can take pictures within the Palm-Tech app to include in your inspection, as well as, add pictures you've previously taken that are in your camera roll/gallery.

How do I change them on an iPhone/iPad?
Open the Settings app and scroll down to the list of apps at the bottom. Tap on the app to see the permissions the app wants. Here you can enable or disable each permission requested.

How do I change them on an Android phone/tablet?
This can vary based on the version of the Android operating system you are running. With Android 6.0 this is done by opening the Settings app and tapping on 'Apps' under the Device heading. Tap on the app you want to change permissions for and then tap on the 'Permissions' option. This will take you to a screen where you enable and disable permissions as desired.