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Improve Battery Life

7 Ways to Improve your Smartphone's Battery Life

Date Written: 5/22/14

Almost all smartphone users have been in a situation where their phone’s battery died at a very inopportune time. Whether it’s trying to find directions, making an important call, or during an inspection, we’ve all dealt with smartphone battery life problems.

Here are 7 easy ways to improve your smartphone’s battery life:

  1. Dim the Screen: Smartphone screens are constantly improving providing a crystal clear, bright display. Unfortunately, the screen is typically the biggest drain on the battery. Turn down the brightness when you can to help preserve battery life. This can be adjusted in the Settings or Options Menu.
  2. Close your Apps: You would be surprised to know how many apps are constantly running in the background on your device. Apps you don’t even remember opening (or in some cases didn’t open) will be running and using your phone’s resources. For more information on how to close running apps, check out our article from last week: Closing out of Running Apps
  3. Turn Off Bluetooth/GPS: Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC are all drains on the battery. If you’re not using them, be sure they’re turned off.
  4. Turn Off Push Notifications: A lot of apps have an option to send you real-time notifications. Whether its Facebook letting you know someone sent you a friend request or Gmail letting you know you have a new email, your phone is constantly checking for updates and that will take a toll on the battery. If you don’t need immediate notifications, you can turn them off in your phone settings or by going into that particular app’s settings.
  5. Software Updates: Your phone will periodically receive software updates and a lot of the time these updates will include little tweaks and bug fixes to help with battery life.
  6. Use Wi-Fi: If you are at home or the office and you’re online on your smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi if possible. Wi-Fi does not wear on the battery as much as 3G/4G when accessing online content. Plus this helps with cutting down on data use.
  7. Extra Battery: Keep an extra battery on hand for your smartphone. When you are using one, charge the other. This is an easy way to make sure you never get stuck without your phone because of a dead battery. This is only an option if your phone features a removable battery, so this would not work with the iPhone. However, there are battery cases that you can buy for the iPhone that help extend the life of the battery.