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Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 Tablets

Date Written: 08/21/14

We hear a lot about tablets and the main options we hear about are the iPad and several others from Android. While these are great devices and run the Palm-Tech app well, Windows 8 tablets are another option you may want to consider.

The best feature of a Windows 8 tablet is that it runs a full Windows operating system. This is going to give you the same PC environment that you are used to on your desktop or laptop computer. Typically these are going to be powerful devices and offer you a number of features. With Windows tablets on the rise, we are starting to see more manufacturers get involved and therefore seeing more options available.
A Windows 8 tablet will give you all of the flexibility you are used to when running the Palm-Tech software on your PC. You will be able to edit your templates and create new ones. You will also be able to email and print directly from your device as well. Several Windows 8 tablets include detachable keyboards so that you can still use a full keyboard when typing. This would allow you to be able to set up your tablet and use it just like a laptop.

Keep in mind that a Windows 8 tablet will not run the Palm-Tech app. Therefore you will not see some of the features that make the app so easy to use in the field, including the ability to take pictures and add them directly into the report.

Windows 8 tablets give you the convenience and portability of a tablet, with the power and flexibility of a Windows PC. Some Windows 8 tablets that are getting great reviews include the Microsoft Surface Pro (pictured below), ASUS Transformer Book, and the Dell Venue 11 Pro. If you are looking at Windows tablets, be sure you are looking at Windows 8 and not Windows RT which is a very limited operating system and will not run Palm-Tech.