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5 FAQs about the App:Part I

5 FAQs about the Palm-Tech App: Part I

Date Written: 2/27/13

Here are 5 frequently asked questions we hear about the Palm-Tech app and their answers:

1. Can I have the app installed on my phone and tablet?
Yes. The software is licensed per inspector and you can have the program installed on as many different devices as you need. This includes multiple mobile devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet.

2. I have sent my template to the app, but my dropdowns aren't showing up. Why?
This is most likely because you only sent the template over to the app and not the library as well. Your library contains all of your dropdowns, ratings, disclaimers, and tech notes. If you are trying to send any of those items over to the app, you will need to upload your library file. Here is a How To on copying your library to the app.

3. Is there a way to add my cover page picture with the app?
Yes. While on the main screen of the app (with the 'New' and 'Open' buttons), tap on File Manager and then Settings. Here you will see an option for adding a cover page photo. With this option checked, you will now have a category for cover page photo with each inspection.

4. Am I on the latest update?
We are constantly updating the Palm-Tech app to add more functionality and make the app better. To make sure you don't miss out on any new features, it is important to make sure you are always running on the latest version of the app.
Most devices will let you know when a Palm-Tech update is available. There will either be a notification on your app store button or a notification on your task bar. Also, you can always check to see if an update is available by opening the app store on your device and searching for 'Palm-Tech'. Here you will be able to see if an update is available to download.

5. Can I add comments to my dropdown lists on the app?
Yes. When you tap on a dropdown, either for descriptions or notes, you will see an 'Edit' button towards the bottom of the list. If you tap on 'Edit', you will be taken to the 'Edit List' screen. Here you can add new dropdowns, delete dropdowns, or edit the order of your list.