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3 Ways to Enter Information

3 Ways to Enter Information

Date Written: 4/25/2019

There are three ways to enter information when using the Palm-Tech app. They are:

  1. Tap and Hold
  2. Double Tap
  3. Use the 'Edit Line' Screen

There is not one way that works better than the others and you'll find what you like using best. Let's take a look at how each of these work and when they might be most beneficial to use:

Tap and Hold - This can be used on Ratings, Descriptions and Notes and it works on the 'Edit Category' screen. It works great for those times you need to select something that you know is already in your dropdown list, but you aren't sure exactly where in the list it is at. It provides a smooth way of looking through your dropdown list and then selecting the desired answer. If you give this method a try and find that the items are being cycled through either too fast or too slow, you can go into Settings and adjust the speed that the tap and hold method cycles through your list options.

Double Tap - This can be used for entering Ratings and Descriptions and also works on the 'Edit Category' screen. The 'Double Tap' method works best for those times where you know exactly what comment you want to enter and where it is at in the list. For example, if you know that the description for the line you are filling out is the first item in the dropdown list then all you have to do is quickly double tap on the description box and you'll have your answer selected.

The 'Edit Line' Screen - To use this method you need to tap on the prompt (for example; Driveway, Walks, Porch, etc) of a line on the 'Edit Category' screen. This works best when you are doing more on a line then simply selecting from a dropdown. This is where you can add pictures, type in comments and change the color of your notes. This screen also allows you to add cost estimates (if this is something you do) and add items to your dropdown lists for future use.