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Editing Lines and Categories

Editing Lines and Categories

Date Written: 11/30/2017

With the Palm-Tech app you are able to easily make changes to the inspections you are working on. These changes are 'one-time' changes that only impact the inspection you have open. This gives you the ability to make adjustments as needed so that the report matches the property you are inspecting.

You can make changes to both Categories and Lines. The changes you can make are 'Rename', 'Delete', 'Copy', and 'Paste'. To make these changes you simply need to tap and hold on the line/category that you want to modify. After 1-2 seconds you'll see a series of icons appear below the item for editing. To make one of the edits, simply tap on the button that you want.

  • Rename - This allows you to give the line/category you are editing a different name.
  • Delete - This will delete the line/category from the inspection you are working on. You can also delete a line from the 'Edit Line' screen by tapping on the 'Delete' icon on the right side of the toolbar.
  • Copy - Copy allows you to copy a line/category that you can then paste.
  • Paste - Paste allows you to paste the line/category you most recently copied. The line/category you copied will then be pasted below the line/category you selected.

NOTE: The above explains how to edit lines in Version 8 of Palm-Tech. If you are using an older version these options may not be available or may work differently.