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Uploading Inspections from Your Mobile Device

Uploading Inspections to Your Cloud Drive from Your Mobile Device

Date Written: 7/9/15

The Palm-Tech cloud drive is used to move files between your mobile device and your main computer. To do this, you'll need to first upload your inspection from your mobile device to the cloud drive. There are two different ways to do this which are:

  • The first method is by tapping on the 'Upload' button on the toolbar of the Choose Category screen. You'll need to have the inspection open and once you tap this button the inspection will begin uploading and after a few seconds (or up to a minute depending on the size of file) the upload will be complete and the file will be on your cloud drive.

  • The second method is by using File Manager. You can get to there by tapping on the 'File Manager' button at the top of the opening screen of the app. Here you will see a list of all the inspections on your device. To upload one to your cloud drive, simply tap on it to highlight it and then tap on 'Upload' in the bottom right corner. Just like with the first method this can take a few seconds or up to a minute depending on file size.