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Android Q

Android Q

Date Written: 8/1/2019

Android Q is the next version of the Android operating system. Beta 1 was launched in March and Beta 5 was made available a few weeks ago. It will be released publicly sometime in the next few months and we’ll have to wait until we get closer to the public release to find out what the ‘Q’ stands for.

One of the biggest changes has been made with navigation. Android Q is moving away from the use of the ‘Back’ button which has been on Android devices for years and is instead going with gestures (swiping) which are very similar to the ones used on iOS (iPhones/iPads). Many new features have been added as well, and below is a list of some of them:

  • ‘Bubbles’ – You’ll be able to keep active conversations (messages, hangouts and maybe more) on-screen while doing other activities. This will happen by having a ‘bubble’ of the person you are talking with floating on screen that you can tap in to communicate with.
  • Live Captions – Live Caption provides real-time captions for almost any media on your phone where someone is talking (video, game, podcast, etc) and it doesn’t require you to be online to work.
  • Dark Theme – A new system-wide dark mode will be available. This helps have less eye strain and uses less battery when operating your device.
  • Improved Privacy – This includes an overhauled permissions page that makes it easier to see what apps are using what permissions. You also have more control over when you share location data with an app.
  • And more – There will be much more including better support for foldable screens, an improved share menu, and new theming options.