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Extending Battery Life

Extending Battery Life on Smartphones and Tablets

Date Written: 10/22/12

Here are five useful tips that Apple and Android users may not already know about when it comes to extending their phone's battery life.

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features - These features can wear down your phone's battery when you aren't using them. If you are in a location where there isn't a signal, then Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will keep searching for one. This can quickly drain your phone's battery.
  • Turn down the brightness of your screen - The brighter your screen, the more battery you are using. You can turn down the brightness of your screen by adjusting your phone's settings. Some phones even come with an auto dimming feature that changes the brightness for you.
  • Turn off 'pushed' data - If you have email, instant messaging, or apps that are 'pushing' notifications to your phone, and you don't need them, turn them off. Every time a notification is 'pushed' to your phone, it eats up your phone's battery.
  • Turn off your 4g network - When you don't need to use 4g, turn it off. If your phone is constantly running in 4g, you will quickly go through your battery. So when you don't need 4g speeds, switch to your 3g network.
  • Kill apps you aren't using - Apps wear down your battery when they are kept open on your phone. If you aren't using certain apps, and don't need them open, make sure their turned off.