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No Ongoing Fees

Don't Waste Money

When comparing costs, it is important that you get the full picture. A low initial cost sounds good, but make sure you know what it's going to cost over the long run. With Palm-Tech, the price you pay is the price you pay. Once you purchase a license, you don't need to pay any more to keep using it. There are no monthly, annual or per inspection fees!

The Palm-Tech cloud comes free of charge and there are no monthly fees associated with it! Don't get stuck paying $20-$30 a month on cloud fees when you don't need to. These extra fees add up fast! What else could you do with that money?

Free Technical Support

Palm-Tech comes with free, live phone and email support on normal business days. There is no charge for support as long as you are on the newest version (or the version before) of the software. If you have questions on how to use the software or how to make the most of your time with Palm-Tech, give us a call and the phone will be answered by a live person ready to help.

Unlimited Inspections

There is no limit to the number of inspections you can do with Palm-Tech. Complete thousands or millions of inspections and still only pay the initial cost.

What's the Real Cost?

Here are some of the fees you may pay elsewhere that you don't have to pay with Palm-Tech:

  • Cloud
  • Hosting
  • Per inspection
  • Annual/Monthly
  • Additional Devices
  • Tech Support
  • Additional Platforms
    (Android, iPhone/iPad, etc)

Install on Multiple Computers

At Palm-Tech we understand your need to have software installed on multiple devices. Whether you use Palm-Tech on a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or all of these, the cost is the same.

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