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Android Marshmallow 6.0

Android Marshmallow 6.0

Date Written: 10/8/15

On October 5th the latest Android operating system, Android Marshmallow 6.0, was officially available for select Android devices. It will continue to roll-out to other Android devices in the coming weeks. Since this is a major update there are quite a few new features and changes with it. Here are some of the key features/improvements:

  • Now on Tap - By holding in the home button or using a voice command, you can now instantly have information appear on screen with an on-screen card(s) based on the information already on your screen. For example, if you are typing a text out that includes the name of a movie in it, Now on Tap will show the movie's ratings, a link to its IMDB page, and more.
  • Android Pay - This is Google's response to Apple Pay and allows you to use your phone to make mobile payments to speed up the checkout/payment process.
  • Doze - This feature improves battery life by reducing background processes on a device when the device isn't in use.
  • App Permissions - Apps are no longer automatically granted permissions when they are installed and users and can pick and choose what permissions to grant each time. They will be prompted to grant or deny a permission when they are using a specific function within the app requiring the permission for the first time. There are also now only 8 permission categories.
    And More - Other improvements/changes include: ability to rotate the home screen to landscape mode, visual voicemail, more fingerprint support, and improved cut/copy/paste.