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Version 7 How To Guides


This page lists all of the How To documents available for version 7 of Palm-Tech. To see the list of Version 9 How To's click on the link below.

Version 9 How To Guides

The documents below are broken up into categories to help you find the exact How To you are looking for.

App Basics

PC Basics

  • How to Work With Summaries
    This How To article explains how to change the various settings related to how your summaries show up in the printed report.

Cloud Drive

Template and Report Customization

  • How to Use a Text Seperator
    This How To article explains how to add a text separator between your descriptions and notes on the printed report.
  • How to - Different Line Types
    This How To article explains the different line types that you can add into your template by going to Tools -> Add Line.
  • Save Your Company Info
    This How To article will show you how to save/change your company information located in General Information category.

Installation and Updates


  • How To Work with Windows 8
    This How To article explains how to perform some basics functions with the Windows 8 operating system.
  • How To Use Palm-Tech and ISN
    This How To article explains how to send inspection information from ISN to Palm-Tech when starting new inspections.