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Let Palm-Tech Help You Save Time

With Palm-Tech, there is no more wasted time back at the office recreating your inspection report. As you are entering information the report is being created at the same time. Stop doing double the work and stop wasting your time.

Save Time With the Palm-Tech App

The Palm-Tech app is easy to use and allows you to collect your inspection data quickly. Simply tap and swipe to navigate screens and enter your information. When you need to add a picture, tap on the 'take photo' button and the camera on your device automatically comes up. When you take a picture, it's added directly to that line in your report. Collecting your inspection data and inserting pictures couldn't be easier.

When you're finished with your inspection on the app you can email the report to your client directly from your mobile device. This saves you time by eliminating the need to go back to the office to complete the report. Of course if you prefer finishing it up at the office you can quickly do this as well by uploading the inspection to your cloud drive with the tap of a button. Once the inspection is on the cloud, download it to your desktop/laptop where you can then email or print it. No more cords or wires to worry about. Watch our training video to see how the Palm-Tech app works.

Create Forms That Work for YOU

With Palm-Tech, it's easy to create your own customized home inspection forms that fit you and your inspection style. Change the categories to match the order you inspect and edit the language so that it's yours. Having a form that is catered to you and the way you inspect will save you time on-site.

Drop-down Driven

Palm-Tech is a drop-down driven program that allows you to easily select the information you want to enter into your inspection by selecting it from a dropdown. Don't retype the same information over and over again. Type it once, save it to your drop-down, and use that same narrative on all of your future inspections.

Get Started Fast

Here on the Palm-Tech website, we provide you with an abundance of video tutorials and How To guides that will help you learn the software quickly. You can also check out one of our pre-recorded webinars to be up and running with Palm-Tech in no time.

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