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iOS 9 Update

iOS 9 Update

Date Written: 8/27/15

iOS 9 is the upcoming operating system update for iPhones/iPads. It is set to be released fall of 2015, with many expecting a September release. The update includes some new features as well as quite a few improvements and enhancements. Here is a list of some of the new features and updates in iOS 9:

  • New News app - This app will display news from different sources into a single app that provides users with a unified look/feel for the news they read.
  • Improved built-in notes app - This now includes the ability to draw sketches, add images, links to websites and more.
  • New Multitasking features for the iPad - These include Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture all of which are designed to improve productivity

    Other Changes include:
  • The Passbook application has been updated and improved and is now called Wallet
  • The Maps app will show public transportation routes in select cities
  • Improved battery life
  • Faster and more responsive for users
  • Improved security
  • You can use more cards with Apple Pay
  • Smarter Siri than ever before