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Android 4.2 Camera Changes

Android 4.2 Camera Features

Date Written: 4/3/13

The latest OS from Android, Jelly Bean 4.2, features a completely redesigned camera different from any of the other previous Android OS(s). Below are 6 new features available on the new Android camera.

  1. Open the Camera from the Locked Screen - You can now open the new Android camera right from the lock screen of your phone. All you'll need to do is press the power button, and then swipe the screen from right to left with your finger. The camera app will then appear right away.
  2. Camera Focus - Where there was once a large black square that used to appear in the middle of the picture screen, there is now a white circle for focusing in on an image. This new white circle shows the area the camera will focus on and set exposure for. With the new Android camera, you now have the ability to change where the camera focuses. Just by tapping on the screen, you can change where you want the camera to focus. You can now focus on an image that may not be in the center of your screen, but off to the side.
  3. High Dynamic Range - This is a new feature that allows you to control the light and dark spots in a picture when you are in a setting that may have different lighting areas. The HDR feature samples the light in multiple exposures of the camera and then creates a composite photo, so that the resulting image isn't too dark or too light in any area of the picture.
  4. White Balance - You can now change the white balance for each picture you take. For example, if you are taking a picture in an area with a different dominant light source, such as fluorescent lights, you can change the white balance to match that light source. There are now five white balance settings available on the new Android camera.
  5. New Settings Submenu - The new settings submenu on the 4.2 camera gives you two great features, 'Store Location' and 'Picture Size.' With the 'Store Location' feature, you can geotag pictures and create an automatic record of where they were taken. 'Picture Size' lets you adjust how big of a photo you take in terms of how many MPs you want to use for a particular shot.
  6. Exposure - This feature of the new Android camera lets you determine how underexposed or overexposed a picture will be when you take it.