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The General Information Category on the App

The General Information Category on the App

Date Written: 9/24/15

A common question we get when an inspector starts using the app for the first time is "how do I enter information in the General Information category?". Every other category in the program is setup with ratings, descriptions and notes, all of which you enter information using the double tap or the tap and hold method while on the Edit Category screen. These methods also work in the General Information category, but the first few items in the section don't have dropdown items associated with them by default, so there are no items to cycle through. This can give the appearance that there isn't a way to fill out information.

Don't worry, you can easily fill out the General Information category on the app and even add dropdown items to your lists for items such as City, State and Zip (City, Province and Postal for our Canadian users). To fill out a line such as the Property Address line all you have to do is tap directly on the words 'Property Address' and you will be taken to the Edit Line screen. On this screen you then tap in the entry box and type in the address. Once finished, you can easily swipe to the next line in the category by swiping your finger from right to left across the screen. You can quickly work through filling out the information for each line like this. You can tap the Back button in the top left corner at any time to go back to the Edit Category screen.