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New Rotate Feature with Pictures in the App

New Rotate Feature with Pictures in the App

Date Written: 8/24/2017

With the Palm-Tech app you are able to easily add pictures to your inspection reports. You can add one by taking a new picture with your camera or by selecting a picture you've already taken from your camera roll/gallery. Once the picture is added, you have several options to modify the picture (including a new one) which are below:

  • Add Markups - You can add arrows and ellipses to pictures to clearly point out what you want your client to see.
  • Add Text - You can add text on a picture that you add in which makes it easier for your client to understand any issues that it shows.

NOTE: You are able to choose between different colors for the text and markups you put on your pictures. The program comes with 10 color choices by default and you can now customize the colors to use the exact ones that you want.

  • Change Picture Size - You can adjust the picture 'Height' to make it larger or smaller.
  • Rotate - Starting in version 8 of Palm-Tech you can now rotate pictures you add in. This means it doesn't matter what orientation you take your picture in and you no longer have to worry about having an upside picture (or having to rotate it on the PC). Inspectors are loving this new feature as it makes their job faster and easier.