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Why Palm-Tech?

What Makes Palm-Tech the Best?

Keep it simple. That has been our goal since the beginning, and it's served the thousands of home inspectors who use our software for 20 years.  When you are in the field doing an inspection, it's critical that you stay focused on the inspection and your client, without having to worry about having to use a complicated piece of software. This is what separates Palm-Tech: If you can tap a screen, you can use Palm-Tech.

It's that simple. You don't need to be a techie to use our software. 

We focus on keeping everything simple, so that you can focus on your inspection business. We have one price with no ongoing monthly, annual or per inspection fees. You know what it costs and what to expect. 

What does simple really mean?

  • Easy to use - If you can tap a screen, you can use Palm-Tech.
  • One price - Simple pricing keeps your costs down in the long run.
  • Your Hardware - Runs on Windows, iPhones/iPads and Android devices. Use the hardware you have today.
  • Fast to Learn - Most inspectors can buy the software today and use it on an inspection tomorrow.
  • Great Design - Why require two taps when you only need one? 
  • Helpful Support - No one likes call queues or having to hold for help. Call us and talk to a live person.

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