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iOS 10

iOS 10

Date Written: 6/16/16

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off earlier this week. On Monday, Apple revealed some of what's coming next including the next version of their iOS operating system, iOS 10. iOS 10 beta is out for developers now and will be available for public beta in July. The release of the final version of iOS 10 can be expected in September.

As with all new versions of iOS there are a lot of new features and changes. Here is a list of some of what's included:

  • Certain types of third-party apps will be able to integrate with Siri
  • New improvements to iMessage including the ability to have rich links inline, larger emojis, add effects to text and write messages in 'invisible ink' that can only be ready be the recipient after swiping
  • Updated Apple Music to make it simpler to use
  • Updated Photos app
  • Improved lockscreen notifications
  • Improved Maps app
  • New Home app which allows you to control all of your smart home devices that have compatible apps
  • Ability to uninstall standard iOS apps such as Tips, Calculator, Maps, etc.
  • And more!