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Android or iOS?

Android or iOS?

Date Written: 4/7/2016

One of the most common questions we get from inspectors is about what mobile device to use with Palm-Tech. When this question comes up, a major part of the conversation is focused on whether to use an Android device or an iOS (iPhone/iPad) device.

Fortunately, the Palm-Tech app works great on both. The app works the same on both as well, which means there aren't advantages to using one version of the app versus the other since both versions of the app are the same. The choice between Android and iOS is up to inspector preference.

The first factor to look at is familiarity. If you are looking to buy a tablet and you have an iPhone then getting an iPad makes sense since you are familiar and comfortable with how iOS devices work. Same thing with Android. If you have an Android tablet and are looking for a phone, then getting an Android phone eliminates having to learn a brand new operating system. Of course, if you have a device already and you don't like the operating system on it, then looking at switching to the other makes a lot of sense.

If you don't have a device already and are starting with a blank slate then this is where doing some research and asking around is helpful. In fact, if you've never had a smartphone/tablet and have no idea where to start, a great place to start is asking family and friends what they are using and like. You'll get some good feedback and if you find that most people you know (especially the ones that could potentially help you get setup and learn how to use the device) are using one or the other, then that can go a long way in deciding what might work out best for you.

You can also go to an electronics store like a Best Buy and spend some time playing around with the different devices. See which one's navigation feels more natural to you. You may find that in just a few minutes you gravitate towards one or the other.