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Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Date Written: 5/9/2019

You have the option to mark a line or a category as 'Not Applicable' (also referred to as 'NA'). Let's take a look at what this means and how to do it.

What is Not Applicable?

'Not Applicable' is an option you have for a line or a category that will make that item still appear on your screen, but not show up in the report. An example of when you might use this is if you are inspecting a home that doesn't have a crawl space, but you have a crawl space category in your template. Simply, mark it as 'NA' and you're all set.

Using 'NA' helps keep your report clean and concise as it eliminates unnecessary items from showing up on the report. Once you mark a category or line as 'NA' it will also be considered complete from a completeness check standpoint. This means the program automatically knows that you don't need to fill out any more information in the category/line.

How Do I Mark a Category Not Applicable?

There are two ways to mark a category as 'NA'. The first one is on the 'Choose Category' screen. Here all you have to do is hold your finger down on the category you want to mark 'NA', wait for the Edit options to appear, and then simply tap the 'NA' option. The second way is to tap the 'NA' button at the top of the 'Edit Category' screen.

How Do I Mark a Line Not Applicable?

You can mark a line as 'NA' by simply choosing the 'NA' rating. This can be done on the 'Edit Category' screen or on the 'Edit Line' screen. It is important to note that you do have the ability to edit the ratings you use so it is possible to delete the 'NA' rating which would remove this from being an option.