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Adjusting Tap and Hold Speed

Adjusting Tap and Hold Speed on the App

Date Written: 10/16/14

With Version 7 of the Palm-Tech App you are able to adjust the speed at which you cycle through dropdown items while using the tap and hold feature for data entry on the Edit Category screen of the app(see the article on the tap and hold feature for more information).

To adjust the speed all you have to do is tap on the 'Settings' button at the top right of the Palm-Tech opening screen. Once in 'Settings', scroll down until you see 'Tap and Hold Speed Adjustment'. Below this is a slider where you can make adjustments to the speed by tapping and holding your finger on the round button and moving the button to the left or the right. If you move it to the right the number will go up making the speed of cycling through dropdown items faster, and if you move it to the left it will make it slower.

Once finished making adjustments all you need to do is tap 'Done' in the top right hand corner and you will be returned to the Palm-Tech opening screen. If you aren't sure what the best speed is for you, experiment with it some by making a change to the speed and trying it out. If you find that it is too fast or too slow simply go back into Settings and adjust it as needed.