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Version 7 Tutorials

Palm-Tech Version 7 Tutorials

This page lists all of the tutorials available for version 7 of Palm-Tech. To see the list of Version 9 tutorials click here:Version 9 Tutorials

The tutorials below are broken up into categories to help you find the exact tutorial you are looking for.

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Using Picture Album
This tutorial shows how to use the Picture Album program for creating photo only reports.

Merging a Palm-Tech PDF with a Picture Album PDF
This tutorial shows how to combine a Palm-Tech Inspector PDF file with a Palm-Tech Picture Album file.

Adding New Lines to the Texas Template
This tutorial shows how to add new lines to the Texas template.

Opening Inspections from Previous Versions
This tutorial explains how to open inspection files from earlier versions of Palm-Tech with version 8.

Choosing the Right Template
This tutorial explains how to choose the right template for your inspection.

Importing Data from Version 6 or 6.5 into Version 7
This tutorial shows how to import version 6 or version 6.5 information into version 7.

Using Merge Fields
This tutorial explains what merge fields are and how to use them.