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iOS 7.1 Update

iOS 7.1 Update

Date Written: 3/13/14

Apple just released the latest update to their mobile operating system, iOS 7.1. This is the first major update for iOS 7. The latest update is available for the iPhone 4 and later and the iPad 2 and later. The update is currently available for all of iPhones and iPads that fall into those groups.

The iOS 7.1 update offers a few new features, a couple of tweaks, and a several bug fixes. See the list below for more information on what is included:

  • CarPlay - With certain new cars in 2014, you will have the option to use your iPhone 5 and higher to connect with your car’s display. This will allow you to easily make calls, get directions, or play music from your phone.
  • Improvements to Siri - You can now hold in the home button and Siri will listen for the duration that you have the home button pressed in.
  • Calendar Update - There is a new month view that also provides a list of that day’s events.
  • Camera Updates - With the iPhone 5s, HDR (high dynamic range) will automatically turn on when needed. This will provide clearer, better looking photos.
  • Fingerprint Scanner Update - The finger print scanner in the iPhone 5s has been updated to make fingerprint recognition better.

There are also updates to iTunes Radio, an updated look and feel to some screens, and a number of bug fixes.

Overall, the update resolves some of the initial issues with the iOS 7 release and provides some new, smaller features.

You can install the latest update by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone or iPad.