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Opening App Screen

Opening App Screen

Date Written: 4/30/15

The first screen that appears when you open the Palm-Tech app has quite a few options on it. Below is an overview of what each item on this screen does:

  1. Cloud Drive - This tells you how much of your cloud drive is currently being used.
  2. Company Name - This shows the company that the software is licensed to.
  3. Inspector Name - This shows the inspector that the software is licensed to.
  4. New - Tapping on this will allow you to start a brand new inspection.
  5. Open - Tapping on this will allow you to open a new inspection.
  6. File Manager - Tapping this button will take you to a screen where you can manage the files on the device as well as on your cloud drive.
  7. Settings - This brings up the Settings screen where you can change various app settings.
  8. Version Number - This shows what version of the app is installed.
  9. Contact Us - Tapping on this will bring up the Contact Us screen which gives you several ways to get in touch with Palm-Tech.