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Talk-To-Text (Voice Recognition)

Date Written: December 2011

One of the items we are most excited about with the new app is the ability to take advantage of the built-in talk-to-text feature that many smartphones and tablets now have. The new Palm-Tech app runs on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets and these devices include great functionality and features, including talk-to-text capabilities(as of now, the iPad does not have the built in talk-to-text capability).

When completing most of your inspection, it will still be fastest to select an answer from a dropdown, but there are times where using talk-to-text will help save you time. Talk-to-text can be very helpful any time you need to add a longer narrative into your report. This could be when you are adding in a note for a line item, final comments, or private notes. Utilizing the feature is as simple as tap, talk and move on.

To use this functionality, all you have to do is tap on the microphone that appears in your keyboard (shown in the picture below of the Samsung Captivate) to bring up the microphone. Then, talk into your device and when you are finished talking, what you just said will show up as text. We have found it to be very accurate and if there is an error, you can easily fix it by using the keyboard.

Talk-to-text (voice recognition) is a great feature that can really save you time on an inspection. Many home inspectors have been asking about it, and now you are able to use it!